A little bit about us.

“Dave Eveland is a student of life, curious, passionate, and kind”.

I grew up in a blue collar suburb of Chicago playing ice hockey on ponds that my friends and I had shoveled in the winter, and riding freestyle/BMX bikes on ramps or tracks that we had built in the summer. Hard work, knowledge and skill acquisition,commaradery, and adventure have been the driving forces in my life.

After moving to Stanfield,Oregon in 1992 my hobbies shifted necessarily as Stanfield is a small town of about 1,700 in the desert. There were no ponds to skate on nor other kids interested in trying to build BMX tracks in the sand. The first year was rough.

Fortunately the High School had a well equipped gym and a class called Principles of Fitness. I found a new passion in pushing myself and others through workouts that I had designed. I loved it!


It all started when…

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