Clinical Bodywork

Our bodies are unique, complex, ever changing, and they don’t come with an instruction manual.

Clinical Bodywork sessions are designed to improve function, decrease pain, and to educate clients about healthy ways to improve their posture.

This type of bodywork is typically performed on clients that are clothed in sports attire: shorts and tank top/sports bra etc.

Sessions begin with a conversation about your life, health history, and the symptoms that you are currently experiencing.

I will evaluate you. This will involve some combination of palpation, postural and gait analysis, and basic orthopedic testing.

This is where NKT® manual muscle testing comes in and things get interesting!

I use what we have learned so far to begin looking for structures involved in high priority motor control issues like core weakness, neck stiffness, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or chronic shoulder pain.

I use something from my manual therapy tool kit to treat the dysfunction that I find with NKT®. I am always learning new methods. I currently rely heavily on deep tissue massage and PNF stretching to achieve results.

After the treatment I will explain the situation and provide a short personalized home corrective program. This usually involves a stretch followed by an activation. These exercises are intended to support long-term changes to the motor control pattern.


Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT®)  

The brain builds complex neurological patterns for the way it uses muscles to move and stabilize the body. NKT® is a sophisticated method of manual therapy that can expose and address dysfunctional movement patterns through the use of precise manual muscle testing. Actively involving the brain allows for profound and often long-term improvements to coordination, balance, and overall neuromuscular function.