Why choose

Elemental Strength?

Bend is a health conscious town with terrific options for someone looking to improve their fitness. There are boot camps, yoga and Pilates studios, group fitness classes, big box gyms, as well as one-on-one personal training studios.

Why Choose Elemental Strength?

  • Approachability - Our training methods involve little or no impact, require no special skills, and offer tangible results quickly.

  • Results -

Results - There is no question about it, our method works, quickly!

Inspiration -

I provide bodywork as well as strength training with an emphasis on educating my clients about posture, self care, and helping them understand the unique story that their bodies tell. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and veteran personal trainer I am confident working with people that are brand new to training, returning from an extended break, those who have recently been released from Chiropractic/Physical Therapy but are not quite well enough to safely navigate an exercise program alone, and of course, athletes looking for ways to increase power and performance.

How do I know where to begin?

Awakened Form Intro - This is a great place to begin if you are curious about Awakened Form and/or are concerned about being out of shape or if you have an injury that you are dealing with: Includes an initial assessment, interactive bodywork, and a full body strength training session on Med X Equipment

  • Interactive Bodywork - This is a clinical style of massage that is quite effective for many ailments : Migraines, neck pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. and for producing improvements to general physical and athletic performance. It is ideal for those who would like to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, who take an active role in their health and recovery, and for those looking to achieve greater function and performance.

  • Strength Training on Med X - Enjoy the benefits of strength training with just 1 workout every 5-7 days: stronger muscles, stronger bones, improved balance, confidence, stamina, mood, body awareness and body composition. I create and facilitate sessions that are intense enough to effect a change safely.

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I have had the privilege of knowing Dave for 8 years as my Trainer. I’ve also been blessed by his NKT work. It is as if the pain just melts away magically. I know it’s not magic but it’s his technique and knowing what needs to be done. I’m so appreciative.
— Tana

A catalyst for change


Human Beings are capable of SO much! Whether old or young, a man or a woman, injured or healthy, happy or sad, I am passionate about assisting others as they heal, grow, and awaken to their own personal potential.

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