I have trained with Dave for several years, and have always appreciated his knowledge, empathy, and genuine desire to make life better for every person he interacts with. Over the last year, I have also taken advantage of his NKT services. I have had a hip issue that has caused significant pain and kept me from many of my favorite activities. Working with Dave has been the only thing that has reduced my pain and allowed me to do the things I love. I would recommend Dave’s services to anyone dealing with any sort of pain, or anyone who just wants to get stronger and gain understanding of how the muscles of the body work together.
— Matt
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I have had the privilege of knowing Dave for 8 years as my Trainer. I’ve also been blessed by his NKT work. It is as if the pain just melts away magically. I know it’s not magic but it’s his technique and knowing what needs to be done. I’m so appreciative.
— Tana
Dave Eveland has been my strength trainer for about 6 years. I trust Dave with my health and fitness completely. He listens to me and acknowledges the limitations of my body without making me feel like I’m wimping out. If I ever feel that an exercise is “not safe”, Dave will modify the exercise to match a safe range for my body and/or he will have me do a completely different exercise that will still get the results of a challenging full body workout.

Years ago, I was having knee pain and doctors wanted to do surgery. I was not comfortable with that idea. I talked with Dave and he was willing to try massage to help with the pain. Within 3 sessions, I was walking and running again without constant throbbing pain.

Recently, Dave has added bodywork prior to my workouts to help with my knee health and function. As I have aged, my childhood knee condition has become a daily annoyance. With the bodywork, my daily pain has gone away and I only feel the pain from time to time. Overall, the bodywork has improved my workouts as well as my body function during the week. I appreciate all of Dave’s knowledge and how dedicated he is to my health and wellbeing. I look forward to my weekly appointments with Dave and can’t imagine not working with him.
— Nicole
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Dave is an amazing personal trainer, his expertise and attention to detail make for an experience that is unmatched for strengthening your body. His skills in NeuroKinetic Therapy are also incredible when it comes to healing or repairing muscle. I highly recommend Dave!
— Tom
I texted Dave and asked for help. I expected to hear it would be 3 weeks out. I thought I might be dead by then because of the pain, but he got back to me immediately! It was just before the weekend and he made time for me! Blown away! His words, “I would never let you go into the weekend in pain.” How freaking amazing is that? Next, he took every precaution with me to make sure there was no injury before proceeding. He is very thoughtful, thorough , and does his homework on each individual. I cannot say anything more but kind words for him. He is absolutely Top Notch, for sure!
— Colleen